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Invest in yourself!

Your career is the engine🚀 of yourself!

As a trader, you become the asset.

Trade-Up-Global as a website tool has a sole focus, to teach you the new trader how to understand FX or Forex trading. A great deal of the information you as the a new to intermediate trader will need can be found online 💻 we just want to help you locate it quicker, so you learn faster.

Please read below 👇🏻 in the *getting started section for more information as well as reading the *disclaimer. ⛔️

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Getting Started

We all start somewhere!

Trade-Up-Global was started as a result of watching an influx of so-called Forex guru's manipulate the new trader on social media platforms with the promise of getting rich quickly. I had really struggled as a new trader to understand the markets and what was involved in being a day trader. The long and short of it is, it takes time ⌚️ and practice to hone and develop ones skills as a trader.

📊  The purpose of this website is to help and develop the new and intermediate trader with free resources. What I have learned along the way I gladly share.

If you wish to fund my PayPal account with some 💷 £ or $ 💵 as you feel this website has simply made a difference to your trading education or just feel this website adds real value, it would be much appreciated. You will be able to find the link to my PayPal at the bottom of my affiliates page.

📈  Happy trading, Trader! 📉

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❌ I am not a CPA, attorney, insurance broker, lender, or financial advisor. The content on this website shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, financial advice, or other and may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information yourself. This website and YouTube video's are for entertainment purposes ONLY. IF stocks or companies are mentioned, Trade-Up-Global MAY have an ownership interest in them -- ❌DO NOT❌ -- make buying or selling decisions based on this data. If you need advice, please contact a qualified financial advisor or the appropriate professional for the subject you would like help with. Linked items may create a financial benefit for Trade-Up-Global ®. Any mention of Forex, Crypto & investing or otherwise shall not be construed as anything other than personal opinion for personal entertainment purposes only.

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