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Affiliate🤹‍♂️ Programmes

Below 👇🏻 you will find affiliates links to information covering your trading, investing, education and digital wallets.

Trading Platforms & Brokers 🤹 is my favourite trading platform on the computer or laptop and happens to be what I use to plan and execute scalping and intraday trades. The platform boasts an extensive collection of built-in indicators and strategies which makes trading an awesome experience.

The platform can be free, but, will have pop-ups periodically which can be a little frustrating, therefore I suggest opting in for the 30-day trial. The platform thereafter costs just $14.95 monthly and though it's not free like the MetaTrader platform, it's unlike any other platform currently available and it connects with being your brokerage. 

In my honest opinion, the product will not falter you but will take a couple of hours getting familiar with, like any new software. Watching my YouTube channel will certainly assist you through your setup as well.

Please find my affiliate link below to start trading.

I have been using AvaTrade as a registered broker for quite some time now. The service is outstanding and they offer a fantastic on the go app called AvaTradeGO which I use in conjunction with the MetaTrader 4 platform 📲  The app provides a fantastic feature called Ava Protect which may be worth looking into if you are new to trading. Using these platforms allows me to periodically check up op my trades. The apps can be easily downloaded from your play store of choice. 

Please find my affiliate link below to start trading.
My partner code is: 85201

🏆 Investing Platforms 💸

Trading 212 is by far one of the easiest platform apps to use which can downloaded straight to your mobile device from your specific app store. The company is regulated and the fee's are very good. The company is well established and if you follow the code provided you will receive a free share to the value of £100 or $100 upon investing £10 or $10 respectively.

Please find the link below to start investing:

🏫  Paid Education  🧑🏻‍🎓
I did online courses with Bizintra UK. The material is easy to understand and has changed the way I trade only for the better and I can only hope it will do the same for you.
The best way forward is to follow the link below get started and then under a sponsorship programme get started either with AvaTrade or both of which you can find in my affiliate links below.

Please find my affiliate link below to start your education.
Click registration to get started!

💵  Donations  💷
If you feel this website adds value to you as a new trader you are welcome to make a donation to my PayPal account.
PayPal: Link found below 👇🏻

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