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Monday 04/01/2021- Crypto comes under preasure

After weeks being in a constant uptrend, the grandaddy of all Crypto's hits resistance with a giant thud, as it's bound to happen as far as markets go - and why should we be surprised. We are into a new year and the markets are responding to news to and technicals just the way we want the to, so what does this mean for Bitcoin? Bitcoin is far from reaching it's potential as a crypto currency as everyone around the world invests in Crypto in one way or another. So, expect the

Tuesday 01/09/2020 - Is Ethereum Ξ Off to the Moon?

For quite some time there have been very strong bullish moves coming out from #Ethereum. The moves long have surprised most Crypto traders and investors alike. In the last 12 hours Ethereum has moved from $429.73 to around the $470.00 marker. Strangely enough #Bitcoin ₿ has been battling to gain momentum again around $11,700 marker which it has just crossed back over today making that key resistance our now support. All hope is on that Ethereum may be on the brink of a breako

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