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Monday 04/01/2021- Crypto comes under preasure

After weeks being in a constant uptrend, the grandaddy of all Crypto's hits resistance with a giant thud, as it's bound to happen as far as markets go - and why should we be surprised. We are into a new year and the markets are responding to news to and technicals just the way we want the to, so what does this mean for Bitcoin? Bitcoin is far from reaching it's potential as a crypto currency as everyone around the world invests in Crypto in one way or another. So, expect the

Monday 05/10/2020 - President Donald Trump in Hospital & a look at the EURUSD

On Friday last week it was announced that President Trump had infact contracted the illness Covid-19 as a result fear took control of the country as the markets in the US started to see moves against the greenback. The President was given an experemental drug to assist with his breathing and lungs. It was then publicised how the President made his way to the Hospital in convoy. Needless to say the President has made a few short videos and seems in good spirits regarding his h

Monday 14/09/2020 - The S&P500 Challenge

The S&P500 index seems to be looking like it's starting out this week with an element of strength behind it as it proceeds to channel a way long or (bullish). Last week we saw this index have strength on Wednesday as it reached a high of 3,425.00 and proceeded to dive short towards the end of the week making a low of 3,310.00 shocking investors across the board. We currently see this index meeting psychological resistance at the 3,375.00 and awaiting what looks like another d

Tuesday 01/09/2020 - Is Ethereum Ξ Off to the Moon?

For quite some time there have been very strong bullish moves coming out from #Ethereum. The moves long have surprised most Crypto traders and investors alike. In the last 12 hours Ethereum has moved from $429.73 to around the $470.00 marker. Strangely enough #Bitcoin ₿ has been battling to gain momentum again around $11,700 marker which it has just crossed back over today making that key resistance our now support. All hope is on that Ethereum may be on the brink of a breako

Monday 31/08/2020 - The FED's Update and Impact

Towards the end of last week we experienced paramount moves both bullish and bearish as a result of the FED's new inflation strategy. If you don't quite know what that strategy is then let me fill you in. The FED wants to allow inflation as well as employment to attain above and beyond all set targets, this will assist in creating stability as to the long term price instead of curbing price. Thus low inflation will actually benefit the US economy long term in order to create

Wednesday 26/08/2020 - What is (₿) Bitcoin doing?

There will be moments maybe even days - lets just say it stops there, because, if it's taking days to gauge the market maybe we should re-address our ability to read the markets correctly and go back to our nine to five jobs! Having said that the (₿) BTCUSD (💵) has been a challenge to grasp for those thinking Bullish for most over the last couple of days, depending on how you look at the charts. In the chart below one can clearly see Bitcoin is in a very clear uptrend as mar

Friday 21/08/2020 - Whats shifting the dollar?

I know what you thinking, actually I don't and if I did you might say "get out of my head as I don't even drink coffee"! So lets talk the dollar, the greenback, the currency that moves all currency's. The US seems to find it's self in what I can only imagine must feel like a pickle jar with nothing but vinegar inside. That's great if you have some sliced cucumber and it's ready to be packed back into that used pickle jar. Hey, we were all students once upon a time and if you

Monday 17/08/2020 - Yes, the UK is officially in a recession!

Over the course of the last week I have read a few articles all stating how the UK is now in a recession. As I read these articles I thought to myself what non-sense, every Brit I speak with seems happy, cheerful and glad that things are getting back to the new normal. Having reflected on this subject for a few days and a little more reading it became apparent that the Brits may not even realise that the recession has landed in our minds as of yet. Let's be frank shall we, we

Monday 10/08/2020 - Bitcoin last week and this week to come

Everyone seems excited about the prospects of Bitcoin as the leading Crypto currency and as the US dollar tries to find it's feet, the power of Gold and metals have been there applying pressure into the market. Of course there is more to the metals success than just the over printing of the greenbacks and that of the Coronavirus. Bitcoin seems to be dominating conversation as does all the Crypto's, and for good reason. As we move into an age of technology the idea of a singul

Friday 07/08/2020 - How the Euro is going long against the Dollar

The Euro seems to have been going long for the last couple of months for many reasons, the biggest being of course the given situation with Coronavirus and how it's impacting the world. As the US Dollar seems to be taking strain from all directions what with Covid-19, Bullish movement from the Euro seems to be on everyone's radar, and rest assured the EU is over the moon about the results of the currency. It seems that this week has since had some push back from the dollar, h

Wednesday 05/08/2020 - Covid-19 and the affects it's had on Gold

If you had said to me in January of this year we would have a global pandemic that affects the economy in such a way that we would see Gold prices go above $2000 an ounce, I would say "You my friend are out of your mind". But here we are in a such a time as this! So, what can we expect for Gold and the metals that follow through this time? Gold seems to be the go to commodity as we enter this time and it would be crazy to think that we are likely to see a large reversal anyti

Monday 03/08/2020 - The US Federal Reserve and printing, printing, printing!

The dollar has for longest time probably been the most powerful currency, all starting after the seconds World War. To date the dollar is currently used around the world with certain countries abandoning their own fallen currency such as Zimbabwe in order to keep monetary stability in check. Currently as the US Federal Reserve is printing money in order to keep up with Pandemic of Covid-19 and the the Global crash of the markets, we have to ask ourselves what kind of safety n

Friday 31/07/2020 - Concerns over Covid-19 and how the markets are re-acting

As everyone was getting themselves ready for some kind of new normal, the month of July has been anything but. The concerns around the rate of infection within the US and Europe has raised growing concern that we may not be entering a V-shape recovery at all. As small to medium businesses across the water in the US are encouraged to open doors again, despite concerns of the virus pockets of unrest seems to be in the air. Here in the UK and Europe pockets of growing concerns a

Wednesday 30/07/2020 - Precious Metals

This week has seen precious metals move from bullish positions to quick reversals bearish. In the early hours of Monday morning we saw Gold climb to $1980.08 an ounce and then as we approach the end of today (Wednesday) here in the UK, we see how gold is running short as low as $1941.30 an ounce. The RSI indicator on Monday was already at 85 and the growing concern was when were we likely to see a pull back in Gold and how would that affect all the other precious metals, ther

Monday 27/07/2020 - BTC/USD

With Bitcoin going above the $10,000 marker this morning and then retreating throughout the day only to head straight back to that high by dusk has every body in wonder as to where this Cryptocurrency may be headed. The chatter at the moment is that by this time next year the Cryptocurrency in question may be headed towards $20,000 marker followed closely by Eathereum. We are a long way away from seeing those sorts of numbers but speculation should make us consider our Crypto

Sunday 26/07/2020 - Recap of the week & looking to the week ahead

Last week had us all on the edge of our seats as the UK Government confirmed in no way was it to partner with the Chinese owned, Huawei's Technologies Co, Ltd. The UK Government stood alongside the US in agreement believing the tech company to be spying and as a result all tech currently being used by mobile providers is to be removed by 2027. In the same week we heard how the Russian Government had used technology to possibly affect the outcome of the Brexit referendum, whic

Wednesday 22/07/2020 - Gold goes higher than expected as does Silver

Well it's clear to see that Gold is still the go to commodity as it rally's higher and higher into new territory. We haven't seen movement such as this since the global recession hit ten years ago. The question now is where can Gold go as it currently sits at $1861.45 per ounce. It's really anyone's guess at the moment. What is the sentiment in the market you may be asking yourself? The sentiment is this, in 2011 the highest high Gold was able to achieve was $1911.60 per ounc

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