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Monday 04/01/2021- Crypto comes under preasure

After weeks being in a constant uptrend, the grandaddy of all Crypto's hits resistance with a giant thud, as it's bound to happen as far as markets go - and why should we be surprised. We are into a new year and the markets are responding to news to and technicals just the way we want the to, so what does this mean for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is far from reaching it's potential as a crypto currency as everyone around the world invests in Crypto in one way or another. So, expect the uptrend to continue!

For now #Bitcoin is taking a breather and much deserved breather at that, with the possibility of it coming back down to the 27845.00 mark. Our expectations remain the same get ready for the next wave of Crypto towards 35000.00 within the week ahead.

#Crypto #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

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